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VisualRadioAssist is the leading all-in-one software for radiostations to manage Visual Radio. Save costs and grow your audience.

Start with triggers, end in a stream.





Schedule effortlessly all Visual Radio broadcasts with the integration of other modules and automate your radio station to the next level. When the livestream starts, the visuals are linked automatically for each program. And now? Lean back and chill. 🍺🏖



Create interactive and dynamic visual content for each program. The designer (photoshop environment) within the Contentassist module is accessible and user-friendly for everyone, even for dummies. ✍️ Make your radio livestream more attractive and visualize images dynamically per program. For example during a broadcast about the news, the weather or current program information. No 18+ Content allowed. 🐾


Plenty of modules. An infinite number of possibilities.

MICAssist Trigger





MICAssist Trigger afbeelding
Set and fine tune the microphones in your studio in a way that when a certain volume is produced, the display automatically switches to the camera that belongs to the microphone. 🎤 Link those images to your created visual templates (read ContentAssist) and done: your image is dynamic during every type of broadcast.
Triggering afbeelding
All modules within the system communicate through triggers with the Streaming Software. Create Presets (TriggerPresets) for switching automatically and connect software functionalities with Visual Radio through 👉 Macros.
StreamAssist afbeelding
Always having the dream to become a Social Media Star? Become #socialmediafamous and stream effortlessly your stream to as many stream channels as you want that match your audience. #alwayslive. 💡
ItemAssist afbeelding
The AutomationLink is able to activatie the ItemAssist. In this way, the news, the weather forecast or the traffic can be displayed automatically in an entertaining way. ☀️⚡️ *Disclaimer: The ItemAssist also works when it's rainy and cloudy.
NowPlayingCoverAssist afbeelding
Show the cover on the screen that fits the playing track. 🖼

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Exclusive for home-users and internet radio stations

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Trigger 2 microphones

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Exclusive for local and small commercial radio stations

Design 15 Visuals

Trigger 4 microphones

8 live programs per week

Upgrade live inside your dashboard

All modules included help

Users 3+


On request

Exclusive for commercial and bigger

All modules included help

Advanced Server Monitoring


Users 15+

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